My art education consists of one year at Sheridan College and four years at the Ontario College of Art. I graduated in 1977 with Honors and received   three scholarships during this time including the     Dorothy Forsyth Painting Award.                               

I was fortunate to study Printmaking at Sheridan and again at O.C.A. under the direction of Fred Hagan and learned many intaglio and serigraphic  techniques which I'm still using today.                    

Upon graduation, I worked in graphic design and   illustration for several years. In 1991 I received my Teaching Certificate at the University of Toronto  and went on to teach Pottery and Photography at  Rosedale Secondary School for three years. Following this, I applied to the Art Centre at Central Technical School, and have been there ever since. I have been teaching Printmaking there for the last 22 years to both Adult and High School students. 

We have an amazing facility and I  am able to teach Lithography, Serigraphic printing, Itaglio and Relief techniques. Working with creative people everyday has been an inspiration for my own work.

 Some of the ideas and concepts for my themes come from traveling with my husband. We have travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and India.

I have taken many Printmaking courses recently  at the Ontario College of Art and Design and Open   Studio. Some of these include Surface Design, Traditional Japanese Wood Cutting, Mezzotint, Cyanotype, Image On, Photo Etching and Lithography

My work consists mostly of intaglio prints, multi-     layer screen prints, large relief prints and photographs.

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